Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grilled Haddock with Lemon-Caper Sauce

Haddock is one of my favorite fishes (that’s a word, right?); it’s very mild and it tends to take on the flavors of other ingredients so it is very versatile.  This sauce is a great compliment and is so good that you’ll want to find other things to put it on!  Definitely double the recipe if you want more.
3 T fresh lemon juice (approx. one large lemon)
2 T extra virgin olive oil
1 T shallot, minced
4 T capers
½ tsp kosher salt
½ tsp fresh ground pepper

4 haddock filets (you can really use any kind of fish for this recipe - remember to calculate your calories accordingly if you use a higher calorie fish like salmon)
1 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp garlic seasoning (garlic, salt, pepper)

Preheat your grill or grill pan to medium heat.  Pat the fish dry and spray with non-stick cooking spray or olive oil mister.  Season with the salt and garlic seasoning.  If you are using your grill, coat it with olive oil to keep the fish from sticking.  Place fish on the hot grill and cook for 4 minutes; turn, then cook for 4 more.  You’ll know it’s done when it becomes flaky.

In the meantime in a small saucepan, combine all of the ingredients for the sauce.  Simmer on low for about 5 minutes.  Just long enough to soften the shallots a bit.

Remove fish from grill and top with sauce.  I also put the sauce on my hericot vert AND the couscous!

Serves 2 – about 6oz of haddock and 2 tablespoons of sauce per serving

Calories 261 / Carbs 3g / Fat 15g / Protein 31g / Fiber 1g / Sodium 1347mg

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