Thursday, March 8, 2012

Health-ier Microwaved Popcorn

I have come to terms with the fact that – shocker – I don’t know everything, and especially when it comes to food…it was hard, but hey, it was a learning experience. So it was a little baffling for me to learn recently that you (as in “I”) can make your own microwaved popcorn with just two items!? Clearly I’ve been living under a rock, but one of my very knowledgeable friends informed that people have been making it this way for a very long time. Who knew?? Um…apparently not me.

Nowadays everything is a potential carcinogen (just yesterday, an announcement about Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke), so I understand wanting to be careful, and even perhaps stay away from these things. An FDA report states that the coating on the microwaved bags could contain carcinogens, and the fake-butter flavoring in the popcorn could have detrimental long-term effects on the respiratory system. Fun. But honestly, all that aside, I just don’t particularly like the flavor of microwaved popcorn, period.

So when my friend told me about this method, I was all over it. Did I mention you need just TWO items? Get this: popcorn kernels and a brown paper lunch bag – boom…that’s it. Oh, and a cool bowl to throw it in afterwards. This method can also save you money! The kernels I bought were $1.99 and the bag of 100 brown lunch bags was $2. Just two items, it’s healthy, and it’s inexpensive – right up my alley.

So here’s what you do:

Pour ½ cup of unpopped popcorn into your handy brown paper bag, fold the top of the bag over a few times and pop (pun!) it into the microwave. Use your popcorn setting or heat on high for 2-3 minutes. Take it out when the popping slows to 2 seconds between pops.

That's it! Throw it in a bowl, sprinkle on your favorite ingredients and enjoy!

As you can see, I prefer to eat my popcorn in an inspirational bowl…I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat anything out of a bowl that reminds you that you are a beautiful genius?

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